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Geeta saar


Geeta, describes the avatars of Lord KRISHNA. GeetaSaar describes the conversation between Lord KRISHNA and ARJUN (great archer and third of the five Pandavas ) in the battle field of Kurukshetra.

Geeta Saar, also describes us about love,care and sympathy towards every living thing.

Bhagavad Geeta is written in sanskrit language and is a Divine Song of GOD. It is basically the teachings of Lord KRISHNA to Arjuna on kurukshetra. When Arjun saw his relatives, friends and all loved ones in battelfront opposite to him and he felt sad by the thought of war against his loved ones and lost his will to fight. That’s when Krishna explained to him the importance of Karma.

Gita consists of 18 chapters and each chapter describes us various types of yoga which reforms our mind and body. The main chapters in Gita are Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga. Geeta is referred as a complete source of eternal and religious knowledge, and defines spirituality in true sense.

Geeta says “Every human being must achieve its goal in life”.Bhagavad Geeta explains human beings the right path to achieve success. According to Bhagavad Geeta some evils like - Anger(krodh),Ego(maan),Illusion(maya) and Greed(lobh) should be avoided. These are the obstacles in the way to achieve moksha and Geeta Saar explains various ways to achieve it. According to Geeta Saar one should believe in action not in fruits.


Chapter 1 - Arjun Vishad Yoga
  When Arjun saw his relatives in the battelfield opposite him. He lost his will to fight.

Chapter 2 - Sankhya Yoga
  Krishna reminds Arjun, about the duties of a worrier.

Chapter 3 - Karma Yoga
  Krishna told arjun always do your duties without desiring the fruits

Chapter 4 - Jnana Yoga
  Importance of Yoga - yoga for protection.

Chapter 5 - Karma Vairagya Yoga
  Improtance of Karma Yoga.

Chapter 6 - Dhyana Yoga
  Importance of meditation and process of achieving Samadhi.

Chapter 7 - Janana Vijnana Yoga
  Improtance of Jnana Yoga.

Chapter 8 - Akshar Brahma Yoga
  Krishna explaining about Brahman, self, fruitive activities, material manifestation and demigods.

Chapter 9 - Raja-Vidya-Guhya Yoga
  Krishna explaining that the whole universe imbibed in God.

Chapter 10 - Vibhuti Vistara Yoga
  Arjun accepts Krishna as the omnipotent power.

Chapter 11 - Visvarupa Darsana Yoga
  Krishna shows his “Universal Form” on the request of Arjun.

Chapter 12 - Bhakti Yoga
  Importance of Bhakti Yoga.

Chapter 13 - Ksetra Ksetrajna Vibhaga Yoga
  Differences between physical body and intellect.

Chapter 14 - Gunatraya Vibhaga Yoga
  Krishna explains about Rajas, Tamas, and Sattva guna of human nature.

Chapter 15 - Purusottama Yoga
  Krishna explains that one who knows about symbolic tree can reach the supreme power.

Chapter 16 - Daivasura-Sampad-Vibhaga Yoga
  Discription of evils which are in human nature.

Chapter 17 - Sraddhatraya-Vibhaga Yoga
  Explanation of three division of faith.

Chapter 18 - Moksa-Opadesa Yoga
  Explanation about renunciation(tyaga) and renounced order of life(sanayasa).

Arjun Vishad Yoga - Shloka 01

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